We are currently holding daily tours lasting 90-minutes, each day with a slightly different focus. See below for more details on the tours and how to book.


In questo periodo offriamo visite di Volterra tutti i giorni con la durata di 90 minuti, con temi diversi ogni giorno della settimana. CLICCARE QUI per trovare tutti i dettagli delle visite e come prenotare .

be safe, be smart, and keep traveling!

TO BOOK / PER PRENOTARE: info@volterrawalkingtour.com +39-3471435004

experience Tuscany’s oldest and most vibrant hill-town

about the tours

Whether you just passing by or staying for a while, our tours offer you an informative introduction to Volterra, past and present.

Every tour covers the most important sites and general history of the city, but each day of the week the tour has a slightly different theme. The tours are held in English (and Italian) by professional tour guides, and we guarantee small groups with proper social distancing.

our tours

fridays 5-6:30 pm VOLTERRA: DIVINE & WINE a tour of the city center and cathedral, culminating with a guided wine tasting of Vernaccia. €20 per person + €5 wine costs

saturdays 3-4:30 pm VOLTERRA- THE HIDDEN CORNERS a tour of the city’s monuments and hidden lanes. €20 per person

5-6:30 pm VOLTERRA: DIVINE & WINE a tour of the city center and cathedral, culminating with a guided wine tasting of Vernaccia. €20 per person + €5 wine costs

sundays 11-12:30 pm VOLTERRA: FROM THE ETRUSCANS TO THE PRESENT DAY a tour of the city and its monuments. €20 per person

mondays 11-12:30 pm THE ETRUSCANS: MYSTERY & HISTORY a tour of the ancient city and of the Guarnacci Etruscan Museum. €20 per person + museum ticket

tuesdays 11-12:30 pm POWER & INTRIGUE IN MEDIEVAL VOLTERRA a tour of the city center, its palaces and towers. €20 per person

wednesdays 11-12:30 pm VOLTERRA: ART, ARTISANS & ALABASTER a tour of the city and a visit to a working alabaster studio. €20 per person

thursdays 11-12:30 pm VOLTERRA IN THE RENAISSANCE a tour of the city and of the Pinacoteca art museum. €20 per person + museum ticket


cost: €20 per person, plus possible extras (see the itinerary specifics); children under 14 free

meeting point: Piazza dei Priori (main square), in front of the Palazzo dei Priori (town hall building with clock and belltower)

how to book: contact us at info@volterrawalkingtour.com or +39-3471435004, or you can book through your hotel or the tourist offices in Volterra. there is no minimum number of participants.

when to book: preferably up to 2 hours before the tour so we can ensure small groups

duration: 90 minutes

if you are interested in a private tour at a different time or date just send us your request to info@volterrawalkingtour.com or +39-3471435004

Annie & Claudia with Rick Steves

The tours listed above will be offered until November 1st 2020

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There is no better way to spend €10 and one hour in this city. I mean it. Don’t miss this beautiful experience.”

Our Tours

we offer a variety of private tours for all interests

more about our tours

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Getting to Volterra

Direction and Maps

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello, tomorrow (Wednesday) we plan to come to Volterra by late afternoon. We are a family of Five (parents wit kids age 12, 16 and 18) and aim to explore this beautiful place together with you. Can you probably arrange a tour for us, language might by German or Englisch. Thx, Marcus


    1. Hello Marcus,
      we are available to give you a tour today. Just let me know your preferred time, and I will know if we can provide the tour in German (if not, we can definitely do it in English). You can also reach us by phone or message at +39-3471435004.


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